My name is Dr Sohial Farzam (Doctor of TCM), and my goal is to help you get to a higher level of understanding so you can realise your personal and professional dreams.


Life Mastery…

Powerful words, and words that come up time and time again when my clients talk about the results I’ve helped them achieve.

My name is Dr Sohial Farzam (Doctor of TCM), and it’s my goal to help others gain higher levels of understanding, intelligence and conscious awareness about themselves, their behaviours, and their relationships.

The result?

doc7That they maximise their true potential by living life according to their intrinsic values and truly becoming “masters of their destiny, rather than victims of their history”.

I too was once at a point in my life where I knew I needed to make drastic changes. As an acupuncturist and doctor of complementary medicine, I felt a need to inspire myself to the next level in the business arena, and after experiencing a divorce, I needed to face myself head-to-head on a personal level as well.

After completing a 4 year Bachelor degree in Health Sciences, a 2 year Advanced Certificate in Herbal Medicine and 3 Advanced Specialist Certifications in the Top 5 Hospitals in China, I realised there was still something missing. I became very smart in what I did for a living but I didn’t have emotional intelligence. IQ is one thing but not everything. EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is what separates the masters from the masses.

So I knew I needed to learn more…much more! I then began a journey of self-empowerment and self-awareness and transformation. It was only through this, that I could help others in their journey of self mastery and empowerment and transformation. Reading for around six hours a day, listening to audio books in my car, in the gym, while I was falling sleeping plus attending seminars after seminars, I made some astounding changes in my life.

Here are the main lessons I learnt:

  1. You can wait for change to come to you – OR you can create change from within you
  2. You have everything you need to be inspired from within
  3. You have every trait that you seek from others around you…within you
  4. A great mentor holds up a mirror and invites you to explore your greatnes

And now, I want to help you explore…

Your greatness
Your true potential
Your Breakthrough
Your transformation
Your mastery

Find out more about how you can start taking control of your destiny, both in your personal life and in business.


Discover The 4 Turning Points in Pursuit of Personal, Business & Sales Mastery


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