The Secrets of a Relationship Start With You

Posted by Sohial in TCM Education on Feb 14, 2014 . This time of year can be very special to many people but this time of year can also be quite upsetting and lonely for others. For couples, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate each other’s love, passion and...

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Why we fear change?

Posted by Sohial in TCM Education on Feb 13, 2014 . Stress can be defined as the inability to adapt to a changing environment. We need to learn to embrace change to keep us moving forward proportionate to the laws that govern the universe. But when we try to project...

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The Power of Enthusiasm in Sales

Posted by Sohial in Business Success on Feb 12, 2014 . In this short video, I discuss the importance of having enthusiasm in everything you do and especially when interacting with your clients. Enthusiasm is about positive energy, courage and confidence and when...

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[Client Conversion Tip] – The Power of Agreement

One of the fundamental rules of business is that you are in the business of people, not products or services. People always come before products and services. It is people who make buying decisions not products or services. So this being the case, it is crucial that...

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The Love & Fear Connection on Health

The human psyche is in balance and strives to keep and maintain this balance but the human awareness because of its filter mechanism, can often go out of balance due to your perceptions creating a state of imbalance and consequently disease. Disease is your body...

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