5 Reasons why you have Money Insecurities?

Many people (and especially business owners) have a firm block, limitation and several insecurities in their relationship to money. From working with my coaching clients and treating clients in my practice, often and very clearly, I have seen mindset blocks and...

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What’s your time worth to you?

Time management is one aspect of your personal and business life that cannot be under-estimated. It is critical that everyone strives to become better with the use of their time as it affects both personal and business ventures. You can never really win with complete...

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Do you wait for Perfection?

An extremely common discussion I face with some of my students, post-graduates and when I consult for some of my business clients, is the notion of them waiting for everything to be perfect before they act or implement - Take Action. Although I understand where they...

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[Handling Client Objections] – Why should I choose you?

Why should I choose you? What would your answer be if a potential client asked you this question? It can be quite intimidating, over-powering and of course challenging. But this question does not need to be so challenging. In fact, with a competitor in every corner,...

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Why you can achieve anything you put your mind too?

[Mindset Development Tip] - Why you have the ability to achieve anything you put your mind too? The Heart channel (meridian) in Chinese Medicine has 9 Acupuncture points. In Chinese astrology this represents your inner most potential. This means your heart strives to...

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How to get clients to work with you?

This video shows you a very easy and effective tip you can use to increase the probability of your clients choosing to work with you over your competitors. Its based on understanding the simplicity of human behaviour and why people make a buying decision for your...

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How to maximise client conversion?

Clients are only interested in one thing and that is the solutions in your products and services, not your product features. Addressing their core needs will maximise their intention of working with you. People do not like to be sold too but they love to buy from...

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The Significance of Goal Setting

Most people, as I use too, run their business day to day with good, honest and committed intentions but without an actual list of specific goals for what to achieve. If you don't have a direction, how do you know when you will get there? If you don't have strategic...

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Procrastination in Business

How often do you procrastinate when it comes to certain decisions you need to make regarding your business? How often do you delay a task, even though you know it is the right thing to do? These are some of the most common thought patterns people experience both in...

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Money Defined

Money is simply a means for fair exchange. It is highly selective and travels through the universe plane very selectively. Those that seem to be lucky in their finances are not in fact lucky. Luck in finances is defined as seeking persistent opportunities. Those that...

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Goal Setting – The Science of Achieving your Goals

In this video you will learn about the neuroscience of setting, implementing and achieving your goals based on understanding human behaviour. You will learn the concepts of why some people achieve massive goals and why some people fail. You will be inspired to believe...

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Happy New Year + Valuable Tips for 2014.

This is the time of year where people either contract or expand. You either create yourself or break yourself. Many people make new years resolutions without really knowing what it means. Most often than not, these resolutions fail and in fact many have simply given...

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