Posted by Sohial in TCM Education on Feb 13, 2014 .
Stress can be defined as the inability to adapt to a changing environment. We need to learn to embrace change to keep us moving forward proportionate to the laws that govern the universe. But when we try to project falsified fantasies on our life that are not congruent with our level of understanding and intelligence, we retreat and blame others or our environement for the loss.

The human psyche experiences a particular type of fear when it comes to change. We all know that fear is one of the most heaviest and consolidating of all human emotions that restrict us and inhibit our full potential. We fear losing that which we
seek (pleasure) and we fear to gain that which we try to avoid (pain). This is directly associated with our innate ability to cope and adapt to change in our environments. In order for us to maximise our potential when we are presented with change, we must understand that we need a mutual balance of both predator (pain) and prey (pleasure) in order to adapt and evolve our conscious development and further our human spirit.

Many people are incredibly plugged into the system of dependency, support and pleasure and they do whatever they can to avoid pain and challenge. You see if you try only to seek pleasure and support in your work and life, although the pleasure brings immediate gratification, the long-term dividends of this type of behavioural pattern does not pay well. It has been shown that we maximally evolve our intelligence based on the balance of both support (pleasure) and challenge (pain). The more you embrace this thinking and behaviour, the further you can evolve your consciousness and reach your full potential on planet earth. You will find a deeper sense of gratification this way than the one who seeks immediate gratification only to fulfil his or her ego.

The immediate gains of such pleasures only fulfil your soul temporarily but ultimately your spirit produces a bondage to such disciplines and you become dependent rather than independant, educated, intelligent, fearlessness and courageous.

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Regards Sohial Farzam

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