INTRODUCING: Dr. Sohial Farzam’s Advanced Personal, Business, and Sales Mastery Program

LIBERATE yourself from emotional baggage and pain…BREAKTHROUGH clutter and stagnation…ELEVATE and empower your life…

Achieve Peak Performance in life and in business, and start your journey to join the minority of individuals living life in complete MASTERY!

This program will take you through each of those four stages by giving you in depth information and tools you need to set out on a new and exciting journey to mastery and empowerment.

Focussing on empowerment and peak performance, your personal program will centre on you as an individual, helping you to deal effectively with people across a wide range of modalities, completely improving your confidence and self-image, and leaving you with a deeper understanding of why people act and behave the way they do.

By understanding yourself at your core level you begin to understand your clients in a whole new way, thus increasing your client relationships, and ultimately increasing sales!

Over the course of 11 weeks, you’ll be taken step by step through my proven and guaranteed methodology to achieving outstanding results in your personal life and in your business with only two hour sessions per week!

Before you sign up for the program, I’d be delighted to give you a free consultation to talk through exactly how it can help you, with no obligation to sign up if you don’t think it’s right for you. Simply book your consultation here on a date and time to suit you.

The Complete Program

During weeks one to five we’ll cover advanced personal development, looking at the changes required in the mindset of a business owner/entrepreneur or those who want to make dramatic changes to grow as individuals. The strategies and information covered will be no fluff, no hype, but serious and PROVEN tactics based on medical and psychological understanding and life philosophy.

These sessions use methods and techniques around the psychology of success, mindset hacks, the power of modern and proven neuro-scientific strategies, human behaviour and human values, building deep, effective and long-term personal and client relationships, a comprehensive understanding of emotions and their meanings, core confidence, self-image and self-discipline, mastering time management & productivity principles, and understanding the concept of wealth building and embracing one for complete success!

Week One
Mindset Empowerment

We’ll start off by looking at everything that will be developed during the course, including the commitment you’ll need to achieve the best possible outcomes.

What you learn during this week will transform your mindset and help empower you as an individual, boost your confidence, and improve your overall performance.
Topics covered:

The Psychology of Success.

  • Psychology vs. Mechanics.
  • Motivation vs. Inspiration.
  • The Value of Building Trust.
  • Relationships & Partnerships.
  • Self-Image.
  • Fear.
  • Values.
  • Goals.
  • Money Psychology.

Week Two
Human Behaviour & Relationships

Understanding human behaviour means understanding yourself, your friends, your family, your employees, and your clients – in other words, giving you the clarity and awareness you need to build and maintain amazing relationships in all areas of your life.

This week focusses on people; how to understand the complex and multi-faceted relationships we all share, and how to build the rapport that equals power.

Topics covered:

  • What DRIVES people, what ACTIVATES people to TAKE ACTION.
  • Humans love to live in the PAST – past experiences influence buying behaviour.
  • The core human need is FULFILLMENT.
  • Most failures can be traced back to relationships.
  • Everything great happens in a team environment.
  • A good place to start – focus on yourself first then focus on others.
  • Your previous experiences determine your present ability.
  • Share your weaknesses to others.
  • Manage your emotions and stay consistent.
  • BUILDING rapport – responsiveness, creating a connection, and creating a feeling of commonality.
  • People try to build rapport with words only – actions, tone and body language matter.
  • People buy from people they like and trust.
  • Show genuine interest in others.
  • Believe in people for them to believe in themselves.

Week Three
Confidence, Self-Esteem & Self-Discipline

During this week, all to do with the confidence and discipline you need to achieve ultimate life mastery, we’ll examine the factors for your success:

  1. Decide on what you want.
  2. Determine the price you will have to pay.
  3. Pay that price – in advance.
  4. Willingness.
  5. Learn from experts.

Topics covered:

  • CONFIDENCE: A strong component of personal and business life.
  • Thoughts and Conditions = Effects and Outcomes.
  • Guilt – self-sabotage, control, and manipulation.
  • Take responsibility – you’re not the same person.
  • You become what you think about – what do you think about?
  • Self-Ideal + Self Image = Self Esteem (consistent behaviours).
  • All disciplined people feel they are not disciplined.
  • Discipline = consistency.
  • Don’t take shortcuts.
  • Key word – SACRIFICE immediate for long-term.
  • Persistence – against adversity, a measure of strength.
  • Persistence = courage (start and endure).
  • Law of Unintended Consequence.

Week Four
Advanced Leadership

Leadership skills can (and should) be applied throughout every aspect of your life – from the business arena to your social life – but they don’t always come naturally.

During week four we’ll develop your leadership skills, making you more prepared for any challenges you may face in life.

Topics covered:

  • Leadership is a daily, ongoing process.
  • Everything rises and falls on leadership.
  • Learn to destroy the LIMITATIONS in your mind.
  • Master your psychology – FOCUS on what you CAN CONTROL.
  • Take ACTION.
  • Lead by example – visual leadership.
  • Give VALUE to others – help people get what they want…
  • Focus on others first – Features vs. solutions.
  • Have certainty and passion (excite people).
  • Have courage and be authentic.
  • 5 power points in leadership.
  • The truths in business.
  • Psychological placement of leadership.
  • 5 levels for advanced leadership.

Week Five: Time Management & Productivity

If you don’t have a handle on your time, how can you have a true handle on your life? Despite the devastating impact poor time management can have on your work, your business and personal relationships, your self-esteem, and more, once you’ve got the right tools it’s easy to maintain.

During week five you’ll discover the strategies and mind hacks you need to improve this crucial aspect of achieving peak performance.

Topics covered:

  • The difference between the right things and doing things right.
  • Have desire for better time management.
  • Coffee breaks.
  • Your best results come in a few of your best assets => Productivity.
  • Spend your time on opportunities of tomorrow.
  • The initial part of any task is critical.
  • Clarity – Meetings, Procrastination, Delegation, Conflict Resolution.
  • Care comes before conflict resolution.
  • Resolution is ultimately to resolve and help others succeed, not destroy.
  • Do not ignore conflict.
  • Your goal is not to win but resolve efficiently and effectively.
  • Prioritize understanding over agreement – control your ego.
  • Be clear, outline your thoughts, and be open to correction.

Once the mind-set is in the right place, and you feel you are living authentically to your higher self and your (or your organisation’s) highest values, and you are empowered from within, you are confident, disciplined and you have a more elevated state of self-worth to optimally produce, you are then ready to move to the next stage of the program where you can really maximise your true potential.

So in weeks six to ten, the primary focus is on complex business principles, business foundations and understanding what it takes to build an empire with a long-term vision. You will learn about building deep and meaningful client relationships by analysing different personality types of your clients (and buyers) and how to prospect for your ideal client (both offline and online prospecting measures) as well as how to identify your ideal target market and capture their attention while getting your potential clients to realise that they “would be stupid to be doing business with anyone else but you”.

Week Six: Listening Skills & Buying Personality

Understanding how to listen, to really listen, as well as the different personality types you’ll encounter in both your business and personal life is worth so much more than simply ‘making the sale’.

This week looks at everything you need to listen to and understand everyone you have dealings with.

Topics covered:

  • Listening & Buyer Personalities.
  • Stages of purchase.
  • Risks involved.
  • Factors affecting buyer decision.
  • Needs.
  • Sales Personalities.
  • DISC psychological personality types.
  • DISC psychological traits.
  • DISC positive and negative traits.
  • Handling DISC personality types.

Week Seven: Prospecting For Ideal Clients

Here we get even more into the nitty-gritty of achieving mastery in your business, and skyrocketing your sales – your prospects.

How do you ensure that you completely understand your audience, and have the skills and confidence needed to turn prospects into clients? This week builds on the knowledge of human behaviour you acquired earlier on in the course, and ensures you’re confident dealing with any type of prospect situation you encounter.

Topics covered:

  • 3 types of prospects.
  • The complacency of prospects.
  • Identifying the ideal client.
  • Specific needs analysis – qualifying questions.
  • Identifying how to establish market analysis.
  • Prospecting platforms – offline and online.
  • Tactics.
  • Shock and awe pack – to streamline getting to a decision maker.
  • Cold calling.
  • Strategies for better conversions.
  • Getting through gatekeepers.
  • Navigating through voicemail.
  • Reactivating the point of contact.

Week Eight: Advanced Mindset Selling

Here we look at more, so much more, than the basic tenets of sales. Week eight is an in-depth, advanced module, that’s going to challenge your mind, but give you ULTIMATE sales mastery at the end of it.

  • Attributes of Selling.
  • The client goals.
  • Mitigating risks.
  • Empowering clients.
  • Client motivations.
  • Traits in selling.
  • The brain and its association to maximizing the sale.
  • Value proposition points.
  • Customer focus points.
  • Characteristics of a great salespersons.
  • Client fears.
  • Persuasion and influence in selling.
  • Problem solving.
  • Qualifying questions.
  • Tonality to maximize conversions.
  • Body language to influence and build rapport.
  • Strategic up-selling measures.

Advanced Sales Process:

  • Using the POMVIC Sales Strategy.
  • Problem.
  • Outcome.
  • Measure.
  • Value.
  • Implementation (Investment).
  • Commitment.

Week Nine: Understanding Pricing, Objections & Closing Tactics

The advanced closing strategies you’ll learn during this week will instil in you complete confidence in your ability to close deal after deal, boosting your feelings of empowerment and creating amazing sales.

Topics covered:

  • Value over price.
  • Price and in relation to the perception of the product.
  • Deferring initial price objections.
  • Reasons why clients don’t buy.
  • Techniques to display value proposition.
  • Understanding the closing signals.
  • Closing tactics.
  • Closing traits.
  • Closing words.
  • Why should clients choose you?
  • Indecisions and procrastinating on product purchase.

Week Ten: Handling Common Client Objections with Powerful Closes

You’re never going to be the perfect fit for everyone, and that’s in life as well as business, but how you handle yourself in these situations makes such a difference. In fact, if you’ve got the right levels of confidence as well as some advanced tools in your arsenal, you can turn an objection (or even an outright NO), into a sale.

During this final week, you’ll learn everything you need to handle objections like a pro.

Topics covered:

  • What does ‘objections’ mean?
  • Perception of value.
  • 9 common objection types.
  • Quick objection overrides.
  • Objection blocking strategies (raising the objection).
  • Trust based objection strategies (soft approach).
  • Psychological objection strategies.
  • Advanced closing techniques for large purchases.
  • The common objections raised by clients.

Once you learn the techniques and benefits of attracting ideal clients for your business – the kind of people who love what you do, buy everything you have, tell everyone about what you do and follow your instructions – then you will learn the art and science of how to strategically and effectively sell them your products and services. The techniques of selling you will learn in this phase of the program are extremely effective and are based on psychology of human behaviour and neuroscience. Meaning, you will understand how the brain works when it comes to people making buying decisions and more importantly the behaviour of WHY people buy opposed to HOW to sell.

These strategies will eliminate your fears and insecurities of selling and will give you every tool you need to be absolutely confident in your ability to influence and close sales with advanced closing techniques based on mindfulness and effective and bullet-proof objection handling scripts to completely remove any hesitation and procrastination from your clients. The result – a profound competitive edge so that you can win more clients than your competitors anytime, anyplace!

Week eleven is revision week – so I will make sure you understand each and every major concept from each week’s modules and to bring them back to your conscious awareness so you can be assured you will complete your program armoured, fulfilled and completely transformed ready to take new levels of success and achievement.

And that’s not all…I want to make sure I have sealed the content and your new and powerful way of living in your psyche and conscious awareness, so you will also receive full support from me personally (via phone and/or email) throughout the course of the program, as well as 3 months of email support on completion of the program to answer any questions you have and to help you embrace some transformational and dynamic changes of empowered living and success.

I know that signing up for a comprehensive, in-depth program like this takes a lot of commitment on your part, so I want you to be 100% confident that you’re going to see unbelievable results and achieve ultimate mastery. With that in mind, don’t forget my offer of a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. We’ll discuss your individual challenges, successes, and requirements, and you’ll discover whether my program is the right avenue for you to explore. Simply follow this link to book your free session, and I look forward to talking with you!

Here’s what some of my past clients (and now friends) have to say about my training:

My business has increased in productivity by 30% by setting clearer goals and tailoring them to individuals.

“Team confidence and ability to assess and provide solutions on problems have increased 10 FOLD! Staff moral and ability to openly communicate effectively increased 10 FOLD!

The program structure and Sohial’s ability to deliver information with effective questions gave him the edge over all other trainers as he was able to personalise every topic to the industry and the real world.

My business has increased in productivity by 30% by setting clearer goals and tailoring them to individuals. Happy clients have been giving more video testimonials and showing positive responses as my team now understands fundamentals of sales not just the process. I would say it is profound that anyone in sales has not yet done this course!”

Khalid Sarwari
Director Leema Sarwari
E-View Real Estate Partners

Increased our revenue by 50% whilst we were still doing the course

“Sohial’s 12-week coaching program has helped us increase our revenue by 50% whilst we were still doing the course and while the course was going forward it was still growing by 100% and we are still growing and so we are thankful to Sohial as well as for the content that he taught us. He touches on very important aspects such as psychology and human behavior as well as business structure and systems that you need to have in place in order to move your business forward and achieve the goals that you set for yourself. The best thing to do is contact Sohial and have a consultation with him and find out more.Thank you.”

unspecifiedKristina Schapova

Australian Academy of Modeling

After participating in the program, we had noticed a 50% increase in conversion

“Our business performance is usually measured over a 12 month period, but after attending Dr Sohial’s program we had noticed a 50% increase in conversions. This impact was truly breathtaking as we have been in business for 7 years now and we have not yet seen a spike in performance such as this.

Our staff has gained a wealth of knowledge in key business principles, self-development, psychology of sales, motivation and personal health. I believe these are some of the main key areas of knowledge we gained from Dr Sohial’s program, which has been the catalyst in the improvement of our individuals.

We have had many trainers in the past but Dr Sohial ‘s program was ahead of its time and outweighed any previous trainer we’ve come in contact with. With his unique way of engagement, professionalism, wealth of knowledge and delivery of content, I must say I would definitely recommend Dr Sohial’s programs to any business that is looking for something to give them that competitive edge that they have been looking for.”

Abdul Walid
Director (Builder)
AWS Homes Constructions

My vision is clearer and my goals are certainly bigger than I dare to believe

“Dear Dr. Sohial Farzam

To anyone who dares?

Doing this course changed so many aspects of my perspective to my career, than I dared to imagine.

As confronting as it was to me personally, he took me on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness that I never done before. After attending many Sales courses and wondering if this is really in my DNA after the first few weeks I knew this is what I was born to do.

I finally had an understanding beyond what I believe to be true with respect to people and their needs and wants, buyer behaviour like you have never done before and certainly sales techniques that are suited to my clients being from a service background, or selling a product you need to do this course, it will give you an understanding and allow you to implement strategies that will certainly win you more business and close more deals than ever before.

My vision is clearer and my goals are certainly bigger than I dare to believe, if you want to empower yourself with the knowledge and gain more skills that are relevant to your area of expertise then you cannot afford not to do this course.

I encourage you to call Dr Sohial, sample his unique approach to Sales and Success and get ready for some amazing and wonderful changes.”


Anastasia Arvanitakis
Managing Director – Licensed Estate Agent

Before you sign up for the program, I’d be delighted to give you a free consultation to talk through exactly how it can help you, with no obligation to sign up if you don’t think it’s right for you. Simply book your consultation here on a date and time to suit you.

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