Many people (and especially business owners) have a firm block, limitation and several insecurities in their relationship to money. From working with my coaching clients and treating clients in my practice, often and very clearly, I have seen mindset blocks and stagnation related to altruistic behaviour which in excess creates internal resentment and angst. One of these altruistic behaviours is associated with a dysfunctional relationship to money in way of not asking for what their worth, discounting excessively, hesitating and procrastinating in financial opportunities and more. And in order to understand how we can overcome money insecurities, it is wise for us to see why we have these insecurities in the first place. Here are some of the top reasons…


#1 Shame, guilt and low self-image
#2 Dysfunctional perception on money in your upbringing
#3 Believing money is evil and does not provide true happiness
#4 No real genuine interest in building wealth
#5 Lack of a grand vision


#1 Guilt is the number one reason for having money insecurities. Whatever you have done and feel guilty about, you will use your service as a means to compensate for your guilt in way of excessive altruistic behaviours (giving and giving). Shame comes into play because you don’t actually feel you deserve money or success and this is connected to your self-image (how you feel about yourself generally). Your self-image is very closely related to your net-worth. To resolve guilt, you must first understand that this is an emotional attachment to a negative event (or perceived event) in the past. And nothing you can do can change that. So the only thing you can change is your attitude and the fact that there was a learning experience. There’s no mistakes in the universe. So everything has a mutually benefitting and challenging trait to all parties involved. But it takes some powerful questioning on your behalf to see this. How was whatever you did or didn’t do serving you, your future you and the people involved? The decisions we make in our lives are made based on what will serve us the most in that particular time so you might as well start being content with that decision because there was a real reason as to why you made that decision in the first place. You were either protecting yourself or others in some way.

#2 Your upbringing dictates how you feel about money. If your parents or guardians were dysfunctional with money, so will you. But even then, whatever was around you was still a service for you should you choose to see it. Why? Just like the first point above, every decision we make, we make based on how our decisions were serving us and how they were aligned to what we needed to fulfil in our lives then and there. So no matter how bad it was, it was still serving aspects of your life. For example, if your family didn’t have a dysfunctional relationship with money – maybe you would have chosen, in your love and freedom for money, making more money over the value of your relationships? Maybe you would have used money for drugs, gambling or alcohol as a way to escape something that you perceived as a possible threat or to an event that you could not consciously bring any resolution too. Maybe you did choose this option, and if you did, well what aspect of your life were you trying to fulfil?

#3 Money is just paper or plastic. Money is a platform to calculate the equation of transactions in order to create a positive outcome for both the receiver and the seller in a transactional agreement. The energy it has is the energy that you put into it. If its evil, then evil energy has been put into it OR you are selectively choosing to see that it’s evil rather than good. Money is not suppose to make you happy. But would you choose to have money over poverty? Money is suppose to bring you more options that will make life easy for you to become happy or content. And being more happy and content, you become more comfortable. And when your more comfortable and have more options, you may start aligning your life to your higher self, and in this state, you become more creative and innovative and you do better things with your time to serve the greater humanity.

#4 If you have no genuine interest or you don’t invest real time and energy to create wealth, well why would you have wealth then? Just like you invest time in your relationships, health, fitness and work, you also have to invest time and energy in your financial life. If money is not something you value, you will not have any money to value full stop. If you do value money, then you will be more strategic on how you handle money. Your value on money has a direct correlation to your financial stability and independence. Learn how you can value money by saving, investing, buying assets or building a business. Building a business is far more rewarding than any game you play in life. So change your thoughts, create goals, and have clear strategies on how you can earn more money and perhaps you will have more of it. And remember, money is a by product of value. So the least you can do is find a way to bring more value to people’s lives and you will be rewarded handsomely. 

#5 Remember money has an energy that allows it to flow to people or businesses that appreciate its value. So again, if you don’t have any value for money, money will be careless and reckless around you. And if you don’t know what you will do with more money, then money can’t be directed to you. If you can display to the universe that you have a vision and a plan to create and serve humanity and the people, perhaps the universe will shift money toward you in way of opportunities, salary increases, more clients etc. Businesses (and careers) only grow to the extent of their dedication to a greater vision. As the saying goes, your business or career cannot outgrow your vision! So make a clear vision backed by clear and strategic goals to expand beyond your personal limitations and fears and inversely give permission to the universe to provide you the means for your imminent growth and expansion.

Dr. Sohial Farzam (Doctor of TCM)

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